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IYPT Magazine is an extended publication from the Physics world cup International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT). For nearly three decades, this event has been one of the major academic events for high school students worldwide. To continue the research momentum from the competition, IYPT Magazine is now established as another world stage for scientific enthusiasm of young talents.

Open Source
The official website of IYPT Magazine is a free search engine for Physics research.

The readership of IYPT Magazine includes physicists, undergraduates, high school students, instructors, and laypeople interested in physical science. The communities paying attention to us range over 40 countries that are or were once participants in IYPT.

Editorial Board & Advisory Board
Editorial Board: Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University
Advisory Board: IYPT Executive Committee
Reviewers: Instructors and professors from IYPT member countries

Publication & Distribution
Online Version Free for downloading
Printed Version Printed and distributed annually in the IYPT

Inviting Articles All Year Round
  Written Reports
We kindly invite qualified written reports regarding the IYPT problems from both students and instructors.
  Invited Articles
Instructors and committee members are welcome to provide articles regarding their personal reflection on the competition, the impact IYPT does to their home countries, how students benefit from IYPT, and so on.

Inviting Reviewers
We now cordially invite teachers, professors, and professionals in scientific community to join peer review.






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